LOCATION: 1008 N. Laurent #D 

Victoria, TX  77901


(361) 894-6483 

(361) 212-9374

rushingwind@suddenlink.net   or mike@tmcimissions.org

Our mission as Rushing Wind Fellowship is to introduce people to

the grace and glory of God through Jesus Christ and the power of

the Holy Spirit.  We feel that the best sermons are those that are

lived out, very involved in Christian outreach with the community.  

We distribute food to those in need through our food pantry in

connection with the Food Bank of the Golden Crescent.  

We partner with other churches and agencies in the community to assist

with those who are homeless and in need of assistance.

Rushing Wind Fellowship is concerned about moving the message of Jesus Christ beyond the four walls of the church, out into the community, and walking that message out in our daily lives and activities.  Our members take an active part in community efforts to share the Good News of the Gospel with “hands-on” means through “action-evangelism”.

Pictured are two of the four missionaries we have sent to Honduras for the past three years. 

We are blessed to have young adults who are very active in evangelism  

and community service.

Our Mission